Public Open Space

Descas Landscapes creates public spaces that are inviting, tranquil and practical, providing positive experiences for everyone who visits them. With each project, we strive to understand the many ways in which communities interact with their environments to maximise the natural potential of each site, create a sense of purpose and reduce human impact on native flora and fauna.  

We work with development contractors, along with local, state and federal government bodies to ensure our projects make efficient and effective use of public funds to create areas that will stand the test of time in serving the community for generations to come.  

Our capabilities include bulk earthworks along with large scale constructin such as retaining walls, drainage, roadways, footpaths and cycle ways. All public works projects are overseen by our structural engineers to ensure every aspect complies with Australian standards. Each site is assessed for environmental impact and scrutinised by our senior management team to maintain and protect the integrity of the surrounding bushland.